Joyce Piper - The Face Yoga Coach
Joyce Piper

The Face Yoga Coach

8 January 2023

8 January 2023

As an accredited Face Yoga Coach, I meet hundreds of women from all walks of life, who tell me about the things that worry them about the way their skin looks and especially their concerns about how their faces are aging, the lines, wrinkles and sagging they see forming. My deepest desire is to support and encourage women to feel and look their best right NOW, by providing a tailor made facial exercise routine, practical advice and daily rituals that can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

There are many free YouTube videos available on facial exercise and while many of these YouTubers are accredited, some are not.  Please be very selective about who you follow and the advice that is given.  Remember, to achieve the best results you will need to exercise the face as a whole, not just focus on one specific area in isolation, and you need to be performing the exercises correctly to ensure you are not creating even more lines or wrinkles.

Also realize that results will vary depending on your age, your lifestyle, the state of your overall health and how willing you are to commit to a daily 10 minute routine.  Ideally, before you commence any program a 1:1 consultation to explore your personal requirements is suggested, because your needs are as unique as you are.  The best time to start is NOW!

If you would like to know more about how you can Glow Like a Goddess, please click here.

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