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Are You Causing Your Facial Wrinkles?

8 January 2023

8 January 2023

Did you know that many of the lines and wrinkles that appear on our faces are due to the repetitive movements, expressions and facial habits that we unconsciously make throughout the day, day after day?

The trick is to become aware of these movements and modify them. If you work in front of a computer, and you catch yourself squinting, just stop, breathe, and relax your face by tapping the area with the pads of your fingers. Squinting repetitively will cause lines and possibly deep furrows to appear as eleven lines between your eyebrows, and can cause lines on your forehead. Squinting can also cause crow’s feet around your eyes.

Do you bend your head down when you look at documents, books or your devices? You’ll probably end up with neck pain over time, and you may find that it causes a double chin, turkey neck, or ring lines around your neck. Instead of looking down, get yourself a document holder, keep your documents at eye level so you aren’t continually bending your neck and head downwards. Make sure that your computer screens are placed at the right height so that you can keep your face, head and eyes, level with your screen. Same with your electronic devices, bring them up to eye level rather than craning your head downwards. Gravity is constantly bringing everything down, let’s not do anything to further encourage the downward motion.

Have you seen people holding their mobile phone or telephone handset between their ear and shoulder? If this is something you do habitually, then please STOP! Repetitively doing this will cause your face to droop to one side more than the other. This movement coupled with sleeping on one side of your face, or on your chest plays havoc on the skin, and the way your face will age. Take a look in the mirror or a close look at a recent photo, is one side of your face different to the other, or is it symmetrical?

When we’re young our skin is plump, dewy and very elastic, it bounces back easily, but as we age this bouncy, elastic skin starts to diminish and doesn’t bounce back so readily. How long does it take for those lines to disappear on your skin after you’ve been sleeping on the side of your face overnight? If you can, train yourself to sleep on your back if you worry about lines and wrinkles.

There’s a plethora of books, articles, and social media sites devoted to health, well-being and beauty, and today’s woman is extremely savvy, she appreciates there are no silver bullets to becoming a glowing Goddess. I truly believe today’s modern women are embracing a holistic approach to well-being and beauty through self-care practices. This approach is preventative and non-invasive. If this approach speaks to you please click here to find out how I can help you to Glow Like a Goddess.

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