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Terms & Conditions

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Company details

Joyce Piper Trading as The Face Yoga Coach

Country: Australia

ABN: 61 354 902 436

Telephone number: +61 450 499 161



Using our services

You may use our services by  purchasing services in advance by booking classes, courses, workshops, retreats, programs, gift vouchers or products.


Fees and payments

The Face Yoga Coach operates on a basis of prepayment for all services. All payments are to be made in AUD. 


Refunds and transfers

Payments are non-refundable on classes, courses, workshops, retreats, programs, gift vouchers or events.

For pre-enrolled courses, workshops, retreats, events or any other service requiring pre-enrollment, unless otherwise stated in the event’s communications, if withdrawing from that enrollment 8 or more days prior to the event, refund can be given less 5% for fees and admin, if withdrawing within 7 days of the event no refund will be given unless your place can be filled from a waitlist and any such refund will also be less 5%. There can be no refund for a no show, we must know prior to the event in order to offer any refund.

If The Face Yoga Coach needs to cancel an event there will be a refund in full.


Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase.


Your Responsibility

Provide us with required information

We need to have a record of our clients and when they visit us. We will ask you to provide us with:

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • Contact numbers

  • Emergency contact

  • Any health issues that may have a bearing on your face yoga practice. This will include, but is not limited to:

    • Injuries

    • Muscular-skeletal conditions such as scoliosis

    • High or low blood pressure

    • Recent surgery

    • Hip replacement

    • Joint or back issues

    • Glaucoma, detached retina

Please update this information if it changes. See also our privacy policy.

Seek expert advice

The Face Yoga Coach is not a medical practitioner. If you have any doubts about your ability to practice face yoga safely you should seek expert medical advice.

You must follow directions carefully, and stop if any pain or discomfort is present.

It is our responsibility to provide you with services that you have purchased in a safe and professional manner. We will protect your privacy according to our privacy policy. We will abide by our professional Code of Conduct.